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Guide for shoppping at in English:

As of this moment, our technical platform does not support having the shop in english, as well as in danish. We are working on a solution, but in the mean time, we have made this guide, to help you with ordering with us.

We DO ship abroad
We charge 100 danish kroner (approximately 13 Euro), to ship to anywhere in the world other than Denmark.

Sales tax
If you live outside of the European Union, we will manually deduct 20% from your order, after it has gone through (Sales tax, added to all items sold within Denmark and the European Union)

All of your prices are shown in Danish Kroner, and in Euro.
If you do not see the price listed in Euro for a specific product, it is because you have to choose the size first, in order to see the price in euro. (silly, we know) :-)

Our Bank Account number: 6300 2022631
Our IBAN number: DK9763000002022631

Adding an item to basket:

To add an item to your basket, click on the pink button, called "Læg i Kurv" (add to basket) on the top right of a products page.
If the item in question, has sizes you need to first make sure, you have chosen the right size in the drop-down, just below the button.


You are now taken to "Din Indkøbskurv" (Your Basket)
If you want to proceed shopping, just click "<< Køb mere" (Continue shopping).
If you want to proceed to check-out, click "Gå til Kassen >>" (Proceed to check-out).

Payment and delivery options:

If you wish to pay with a credit card, choose the 3rd option from the top "Andre udenlandske kort" (International cards)
Note, for orders paid with Credit card: We do not withdraw the money from the card, before the order has been shipped.

If you wish to pay via Bank transfer, choose the 5th (last) option "Bankoverførsel" (Bank tranfer).
Our account number is : DK9763000002022631
Note, for orders paid via Bank Transfer: We don't ship the order, before we've confirmed the payment has gone through. If the payment has not been made, within 3 business days, we uphold the right to cancel your order.

Further down, you choose delivery method.
For International shipping, you have to choose the 4th option "Shipping outside Denmark"

Then click "Fortsæt" (Proceed)

Shipping information

Fill in your name, address, zip code, city, country and e-mail address.
You can also feel free to leave us a comment in the comment-section. This can be anything, from something specific about your order, or just to say Hello :-)

The 3 checkboxes beneath the comment-field is as follows:

"Jeg ønsker at melde mig ind i Klub Lisen" (I want to become a member of Club Lisen).
Note: By becoming a member, you will receive newsletters from us (as of this moment, only in danish, but with lots and lots of pictures) :-)

"Gem kundeoplysinger (cookie)" (Save my information in a cookie)
If you want to shop with us again, the system can remember your name and address, so you don't have to fill it out again.

"Pakkes ind?" (Gift wrapped?)
If you need something giftwrapped, we will do it for you. (we're just that nice :-))

On the bottom, you can fill in if you want the parcel delivered to another address, than your own.

Click "Fortsæt >>" (Proceed) when you have filled out the information.We're almost there - I promise :-)

Confirm order

This page is just an overview of your order. If everything is correct, click "Godkend >>" (Approve)
If you need to correct something, you can click "<< Tilbage" (back). See, that step was easy! :-)

The number on the bottom "Heraf moms" is the sales tax.
It shows how much of the full amount is sales tax (moms).
If you live outside the European Union, this amount will be deducted from your order, manually.

Payment (Credit Card)

If you have chosen to pay with a Credit Card, you are now taken to the payment site.

Fill in your:
Card number ("kortnummer")
Control-numbers ("kontrolcifre")click on the "?" if you don't know what they are
Expiration date ("Udløbsdato") Month and year

Click "Godkend >>" (Approve)

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! :-)

You will now receive an e-mail from us, confirming your order.
Remember, that we do not withdraw the money from your card, before your parcel has been shipped. You will receive another e-mail when this happens. Normally within 1-3 days.

Enjoy :-)

Please note:
If you are outside of the EU, and you are returning a bought item to us, it is important that you note our CVR-number on the parcel (CVR: 18 68 84 41) and add that it is return-items.

Otherwise the package will be claimed by danish costums and ultimatly returned to you.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate writing us an e-mail

Alice, Stine & Lone fra
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